It is our belief that children are adults in training who will run our world when our generation’s mission is complete.

Our goals are to introduce them to God at a young age, and to provide them with a foundation that will sustain them through each phase of their life.

– We focus on key factors that affect children, including self-love and self-esteem. We work hard to cultivate an environment in our Children’s Church ministry that promotes spiritual growth and causes our youth to evolve into whole human beings.

– We emphasize the value of uniqueness and identity, as well as, educate on topics such as self-image, peer pressure and the value of education.

– Our qualified and caring staff serves our young people with attentiveness, enthusiasm, and love.

One Church has great things to offer both you and your children.

For more information about our Children’s ministry contact Tommye Williams, Children’s Church Director at

Children’s Church
Ages 2-11

Sundays @ Melrose Elementary
731 North Detroit St.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Entrance in the parking lot just south of Waring Avenue